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Questions About GWA

GWA works with investors who want to do “good” and “well” at the same time to acquire churches and other properties and offers those properties for lease and then purchase to organizations doing exciting work to help them expand their respective missions.

Yes! Fill out the contact and property submission form and GWA will work to help you reach your goal. If your participation with GWA is a good fit, GWA will underwrite and acquire the new property and then make it available for your group to lease and eventually own.

GWA is supported by impact investors who, while focused on using their capital for accelerating good in the world and are willing to take certain risks that most others will not, they are not a charity and are expecting to be compensated with a fair return for that risk.

Yes; the goal of GWA is to provide ownership opportunities to deserving church and other organizations. GWA offers a lease and option to  purchase at the core of its programming. The option to purchase has several key advantages to other options available to most organizations:

1) It treats the new GWA participant with many of the benefits and responsibilities of ownership.

2) The option to purchase helps build the organization’s track record when readying itself to work with lenders to purchase the property.

3) It protects the property from the significant risk that an owner may sell the property out from under the organization. Once an option agreement is in place, the GWA organization can feel confident that it exclusively can purchase its property according to the provisions of the agreement. Often this assurance allows organizations to invest in growth without worrying they’ll lose their location and have to start all over again.

4) The option to purchase allows the organization to
mount a robust building and fundraising campaign supported by its constituents/membership with the
vision of the organization’s new home coming to fruition.

5) The option to purchase provides a maximum capped price on the future cost of the purchase of the property that will not exceed their existing lease payments, regardless of what happens in the real estate market. This maximum price provision allows GWA organizations to feel comfortable that they will not be at risk for extreme price spikes in the surrounding real estate market.

6) the option to purchase typically has a term of 3-5 years to allow an organization to hit its stride and grow from good to great.

7) The option to purchase requires a significant upfront deposit — significant enough to ensure that all members of the organization mobilize around the cause of truly owning the property down the road. This helps build cohesion in the organization and sure all leadership are focused on the same objective. The deposit also helps align interests between GWA and the GWA participating organization and helps provide assurance that the organization’s membership/leadership are committed to their purchase through

Any organization doing good work, regardless of how they are taxed or structured, is eligible and welcome to apply for participation with GWA.

Yes, GWA’s mission is to help in an organization’s relocation into a facility (and eventual purchase of that facility) that will assist them in expanding and accelerating their good work in the community. As such, GWA will generally extend option to purchase agreements when a GWA participating organization in good standing seeks to additional time to accomplish their objectives.

Yes, GWA has a list of ancillary services that may be available to assist organizations of all types. GWA provides consulting and advisory services related to strategic opportunities, operations, financial matters, programming creation and implementation, revenue enhancement and other services for churches and other organizations. Fees may apply.

Questions About GWA Helping Organizations Sell Property

We may be able to help you by buying your building and finding a church that is interested in our
lease-purchase program. We also maintain a large database of organizations looking to purchase a
facility outright and we can make introductions, though we are not a real estate brokerage firm.

Questions About GWA's Building Ownership and Leasing Program

Most GWA leases include a payment for the reduction in rent rate, usually around 10 percent,
which is an amount that than gets deducted from the purchase price when the facility is purchase.

If we can not find a Bank to finance all of your purchase price, GWA will often agree take a portion
as a 2nd Lien Holder to satisfy the primary Lender.

Yes, generally, assuming your organization is otherwise performing successfully in GWA’s
assessment. That said, GWA’s program is structured for participants to be successful in purchasing
their facilities. The program is designed to allow the GWA tenant to experience growth and be well
situated to purchase the property. Situations are evaluated on a case by case basis.

The purchase price is based on MAI appraisal at time of purchase, but that appraisal price cannot
exceed the maximum amount set in the option agreement. Also, the purchase price is further deducted by the amount of the option purchase deposit and any upfront lease payment for the deduction of lease rate.

100% of the MAI appraised value will be credited to the purchase price.

You, the GWA participant, are responsible for all costs of the building maintenance and expenses
including taxes and insurance.

We suggest you purchase “loss of use” insurance during the Lease period.

Questions About GWA Helping Organizations Purchase or Build a Property Not Currently Owned By GWA

We are not a finance company. We assist churches and other organizations that need help in preparing for financing from a Lender by adding value through our programs. We are happy to look at your situation and see how we can help.  Will you help us find a building to purchase?


Yes. While we are not a real estate brokerage firm, we regularly receive requests from
organizations with specific target markets and criteria that we provide to our team. Please click here to
be included on our matching list [insert link]. When we encounter a good match, we will contact you
and begin the GWA process.

Our Lease Purchase program is designed to help you by purchasing a building you want and
Leasing it to you for 3-5 years with the option to purchase which prepares you for purchasing in the
future by demonstrating your successful track record of payments and satisfaction of traditional
responsibilities associated with ownership

Yes, GWA has a sister division that assists churches and other organizations with reaching their goals to build the imaginative spaces that they deserve to have. Our founding partner organizations have cumulatively constructed over 150 new churches and other campuses for worthy groups around the country and were perhaps the most active single builder and financier of such specialized construction in the US. We can provide a turn-key solution to help you plan, design, build, purchase land, finance the project, and provide consulting and management for the project.

Let GWA accelerate your organization’s growth and good works. Whether purchasing, selling, or needing some other services, we can help.

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