Accelerating Your Good Works with Our Sacred Spaces

Is Your Organization:

  • Struggling to find or qualify for new space to accommodate growth?
  • Lacking financial resources or track record to satisfy owner/lender/landlord requirements?
  • Wanting to invest now in your “forever home” but lack the ability to purchase?
  • Tired of improving/maintaining a property that you will likely never own?
  • Needing a financial partner to take a risk with you? To invest in you? To believe in you? To support you in acquiring the property that you desire?

WE SPECIALIZE IN Accelerating the Growth and Good Works of Organizations using Real Estate by:

  • Providing a pathway to ownership for a new property.
  • Taking investment risks ourselves to help you grow and prosper.
  • Helping you find, lease and own your property – and help sell (or we purchase) any surplus property.
  • Offering a credit enhancement- type program for a faster pathway to property ownership.
  • Providing new facilities to enable faster growth and catapult you to the next level. 
  • Treating you like an owner from the beginning.
Empowering Growth, Amplifying Impact

Empowering organizations with transformative spaces to amplify impact

Sharing the Risk with You

Using our own capital to buy property for your organization

Making Your New Home Permanent

Unlocking potential with credit enhancement-type program to enable ownership

Solving Problems with Flexibility

Taking risks others don’t and being flexible in ways others can’t

Advantages of Good Works Accelerator

Discover how GWA empowers churches and specialty properties with flexibility, support, expertise, and ownership assurance.

  • Flexibility to do business with less established groups.
  • GWA’s financial supporters are willing to take risks that most others refuse to take.
  • Locked In Options to Purchase (property cannot be sold to anyone else while you are leasing).
  • Flexibility with less financially sound groups and more relaxed underwriting criteria.
  • GWA is the only organization of its kind in the US, to our knowledge.
  • Flexibility to allow changes to the property to suit the organization.

Together, let us embrace this new chapter, where the sale, lease, and purchase of church and other facilities are not just transactions but opportunities and catalysts for growth, revitalization, and making a lasting impact. Good Works Accelerator is more than just an organization, it is a community of believers, united by a shared vision of building a brighter future for our communities.

Good Works Accelerator Team
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