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Our goal is to help connect your church or group with the real estate necessary to turbo charge your growth (grow members/ customers/ clients, increase mission and impact on the community, grow tithing / revenues). We have decades of experience in the church property space and our efforts are designed to allow your group to find a home and then flourish. Historically, it has been extremely difficult for churches and other groups to find, move in and buy the kind of real estate property they need to take their organizations to the next level. For example, except for the most established and well-funded organizations, the majority of churches and other groups will not qualify to either lease from a landlord or borrow from a lender. Whether you seek a larger sanctuary, more classrooms and offices, commercial kitchen space, multi-use or recreation facilities, outdoor spaces, or simply need the freedom to make the changes to a property to fit your organization’s needs to optimize your growth, make the property home. Our name is appropriate- we accelerate good works.

We accelerate your good works. Partner with us and allow us to take care of the real estate piece so you can focus on spreading your message and changing lives. If you are interested in finding a home for your church group then you are in the right place.

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No matter who finds or owns the building, GWA will acquire it and make it your organization’s home to accelerate your next stage of growth.

GWA's Lease and Building Ownership Program

  • Identify one of GWA’s properties or identify your own properties that you’d like to own.
  • Fill out the form here on this website at this link telling us about your organization. This gets the process started. We review this information and assess how we can best help you. 
  • Our team preliminarily determines how best to help you and requests backup documentation supporting the information you supplied so we can provide to our underwriting team.
  • Meet with members of our Underwriting Committee 
  • Receive a decision from the Underwriting Committee 
  • Move forward with documentation to begin making your dreams a reality.
  • For more details, please see our FAQ’s

We may have qualified buyer organizations interested in purchasing your existing property or may be able to purchase it ourselves.

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