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The  Good Works Accelerator is unique in that it works with groups where it’s clear that entering a new space will help greatly increase their revenue/membership/clientele, so unlike others we have a mission to help and therefore we regularly work with those whose income is expected to increase once they move into the new campus/property, even if that doesn’t show yet. Also, if income is not sufficient, sometimes arrangements can be made (pre-payments, evidence of savings, co-signer, guarantors, etc.) to overcome that condition.

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Please fill out all fields that apply to you so we can have a representative make contact with you. As part of our Program, GWA purchases properties of all types (church properties, but not just church properties) and also helps sellers find buyers to purchase property. Please provide us with a little information to help us successfully purchase or facilitate the sale of your property. The more information, the faster we will be able to respond with solutions.

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